Willow Street Capital is a private investment and development firm based in Miami and New York City. It was founded to strategically acquire, invest in and/or develop real estate properties with a strong risk-reward profile. Asset classes of interest to the firm include: hotel, spa, self-storage, senior housing, and residential. We source and execute unique investment opportunities through disciplined research; and a network of long-standing, trusted relationships.


In the current market environment, we are focused on finding assets with strong upside in overlooked markets that have a low correlation to the performance of the national economy.


Our principals have more than 35 years of experience with hotels and other commercial properties, including development and renovation, effectuating real estate turnarounds, optimizing property operations, executing real estate transactions, evaluating project risk, and other aspects of real estate and hotel operations. We achieve results by passionately pursuing “getting it right,” aligning the interests of all stakeholders, emphasizing the development of personal relationships, and following sustainability best practices. We create and foster workplaces where people can reach their full potential.


Willow Street Capital Advisors (WSCA) is an affiliate company that provides asset management, project management, and advisory services to third-party clients and to support Willow Street Capital’s holdings.


WSC Residential is an affiliate company that provides design and design management services to third-party clients and to support Willow Street Capital’s residential holdings.